Land Clearing in Portland, Oregon

Removal of trees, brush, and more for residential and commercial property development projects

The first step of a property development project is clearing the land to ready the site for construction. As any piece land can have an unpredictable terrain, this job generally requires a skilled and knowledgeable excavation contractor.

Our Portland, Oregon excavating professionals deliver comprehensive land clearing services throughout the Rose City region. You can trust our crew to provide any type of service needed, and we also offer dump truck hauling to transport waste, soil, and other debris to quickly and properly dispose of them.

Hiring a team with the right expertise and modern equipment to carefully clear the land  makes the end stages of development a lot easier. Our local, family-owned company possesses a fleet of service trucks and dedicated operators who deftly overcome all challenges and obstacles that may come about during the land clearing process.

We get rid of heavy and thick undergrowth efficiently to make sure the land preparation project stays on schedule. Our committed approach to brush removal guarantees your premises are ready to accommodate foundations, new homes and commercial building structures.

We also offer quality tree and stump removal to eliminate trees that stand in the way of construction plans while leaving trees that offer aesthetic appeal to the property. Upon removing trees, we grind down the stumps to leave you with a completely level pot of land.

Get started on your residential or commercial project today by contacting our pros for a free estimate and affordable rates.

Our land removal and excavation services

No matter what terrain populates your property, you can rely on us to clear the land in the most effective manner possible. Our team specializes in the following commercial and residential land removal services:

  • Tree removal
  • Dump truck hauling
  • Demolition
  • Root raking
  • Stump grinding
  • And more

The many advantages of hiring our company

Why should you hire us to help you clear out and develop your property when there are so many other excavation companies to choose from in the greater Portland, OR region? Some of our competitors even have decent reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and the link. Yet, they can’t beat us on value, experience and expertise.

As a company that specializes in full-service land clearing, we make it affordable and easy to complete the work you need finished now. Our crew is flexible and adapts our services to meet the individual needs and budget of each client.

Whether our contractors are grading land or taking down trees, we have the know-how and means to accommodate each and every customer who relies on us to prepare their land for building. If you’d like, we can also dig out land and install new water mains, gas lines, and other utility lines.

Our fully licensed and insured land clearing professionals have what it takes to tackle projects both big and small. Get in touch with us to learn more.